Dilip Raghavan

Office location: S17-07-15

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Department of Mathematics
National University of Singapore
10 Lower Kent Ridge Road
Singapore, 119076
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Research interests

Mathematical Logic, Set Theory, Infinitary Ramsey Theory, and General Topology.

Curriculum Vitae


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  28. (with R. Johnston) Complexity of index sets of descriptive set-theoretic notions, submitted.
  29. (with J. Brendle, O. Guzmán, and M. Hrušák) Combinatorial properties of MAD families, in preparation.
  30. (with J. Steprāns) The almost disjointness number in higher dimensions, in preparation.
  31. (with S. Shelah) On the reaping number at the first Mahlo cardinal, in preparation.
  32. (with S. Todorcevic) Galvin’s problem in higher dimensions, in preparation.
  33. (with S. Shelah) Boolean ultrapowers and iterated forcing, in preparation.
  34. (with B. Kuzeljevic and J. Verner) Lower and upper bounds of sets of P-points, in preparation.

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